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Can I make a BPAY payment from my Save or Spend account?

You can only make BPAY payments from your Spend account.

How do I make a payment using BPAY?
  • Go to your Spend account and hit ‘Send’.
  • If you’re paying the biller for the first time, you can add the bill issuer by clicking on ‘+ New’.
  • Select ‘BPAY’ and enter the details provided to you by the bill issuer. This will be saved for future bill payments.
  • Once the biller is saved, you can make future payments by tapping 'Send’, selecting ‘BPAY’ and the biller from the list.
Is there a limit on the value of BPAY payments?

Yes. Billers generally set minimum and maximum limits for accepting BPAY payments.

For BPAY limits on Volt Spend, please refer to the Volt Spend Terms and Conditions.

Is there a charge for using BPAY?

Although some institutions will charge you for using BPAY or for making a BPAY payment using your card, Volt will not charge you any fee for using BPAY with your Volt debit card or from your Volt account.

I’ve made a mistake making a payment using BPAY, what do I do?

Please reach out to the Volt Customer Care team by phoning us on 13 8658 (13 VOLT)