The Volt vision is to help people to be better off.

For us, that starts with saving and everything we’ve done so far is designed to help people save money.

This means delivering a safe, reliable place for people to put their money, guidance and motivation to help build strong saving habits, and exploring ways to find extra money to put aside.

We are the first new retail bank to be granted a banking licence in Australia since the early 2000s.

This licence guarantees that any money you save (up to $250,000) is protected by the Australian government’s financial claims scheme (FCS).


It began with a chance encounter between old friends in a supermarket car park.

By May 2017, Volt was taking its first steps.

The restricted banking licence arrived a year later in May 2018.

Volt became the first company in Australia to earn a full banking licence since the early 2000s on January 21st 2019.

It’s the next chapter in the story that’s the most exciting.

The day we open our digital doors. The day we start to help people to be better off, with whatever they’re trying to do with their lives.

Steve Weston: CEO

It is a privilege to be able to lead the team that will show that banking can be done in a much better way for all stakeholders, particularly customers.


Our first rollout is in Spring 2019. It will be to our loyal waitlist so if you want to be a part of the early days, get early access.

Once we’ve brought our waitlist onboard, we’ll be ready to open our digital doors to the world (well Australia for now).

See you soon, hopefully.