Volt is excited to be part of the Open Banking revolution in Australia


Volt has always communicated that the data we hold on behalf of our customers and our partners should be accessible to them at any time. This gives consumers and their advisors a complete picture of a customer's financial information, enabling them to be better off and live life to the fullest.

Open Banking now ensures that every bank in Australia must provide a mechanism to allow consumers to access and obtain their bank account information. This will give consumers more control over their financial information, allowing them to compare this information across banks, and provide them with more choices.


Our Customers

Volt has always supported access to open information for consumers, which will allow our customers to compare our competitive interest rate and no-fee accounts against other banks to assist with finding the right product for you.

In 2021, Volt will provide our customers and any of their authorised advisers with the ability to access customer account and transaction information, so they can monitor how they choose to save and spend.


If you’re a developer for one of our partners, we have services available to allow you to integrate our banking capabilities into your own applications.

If you’d like to see how we support the Product Reference Data information, click here.

For support or open banking queries email us at openbanking@voltbank.com.au.

Our Partners

Volt is unique in Australia in that we support our partners by allowing them to integrate banking solutions directly into their business. The Volt Portal has a range of services that allow our partners who hold customer consent to obtain instant information on any of their customers referred to Volt.

With a full view of their customer information, partners are able to offer more in-depth advice and solutions to their customers to help them make the most of their money. Get started today to find out how you can refer customers to our Volt app.

You can find out more about our Volt Save and Volt Spend accounts on voltbank.com.au

If your business would like to know more about how to integrate our services into your own business application, then email us at partnershipsenquiries@voltbank.com.au and one of our Partnership Directors will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Time Frames

If you’re a developer for an Accredited Data Recipient, you can access the public APIs for Product Reference Data immediately by clicking here.

Product Reference Data, is available from 1 October 2020 on Volt Save, Spend, Corporate CMA and Retail CMA accounts. Keep coming back here to receive updates on when our Lend account information will also be available.