Volt is excited to be part of the Open Banking revolution

We’ve always advocated that your Volt data should be available to you at any time, to help you get more of a complete picture of your financial well-being.

Open Banking enables you to securely share and manage the access of your banking data with accredited third parties. Importantly, Open Banking applies strong privacy and security protections when sharing your banking data. It is part of the changes to Consumer Data Right introduced by the Federal Government to help customers use and manage their data.

For customers

We want you to have the information you need to get a clear view of your financial situation, and to be able to work with any accredited third parties that may be helping you.

Open Banking enables you to be in control of how your Volt data is shared. You, and any accredited third parties that you authorise, now have the ability to access information about your Volt accounts and transaction history.

More broadly, our competitive banking products will be able to easily be compared against those of other banks, assisting the process of finding the right banking product for you.

Volt Consumer Data Right (CDR) Policy

The Volt CDR Policy provides information on how we manage your data under the Consumer Data Right.

View the Volt CDR Policy

The way data sharing works

Data sharing starts with an accredited organisation asking you to provide consent to have access to your data, for example to use a budgeting tool or to make a loan application.

When you give your consent to the accredited organisation, you'll be taken securely to Volt to confirm your consent and authorise us to share your data.

Here's an outline of how you confirm your consent:

  • You will need to enter your Volt customer number on the Volt data sharing portal. You can find this in your Volt app by going to Settings and choosing Data sharing.
  • Once you’ve entered your Volt customer number, we will send you a One Time Password (OTP) to the mobile number that you have registered with us.
  • You will be able to select the Volt accounts that you want to share, and review/confirm the details that you want to share.

After you confirm and authorise the data sharing consent, you are then taken back to the accredited organisation where you started.

Viewing and managing my consents

You can use the Volt app to view any data sharing consents that you’ve created, see when they expire and revoke any consents that you want to end before their expiry date.

  • In the Volt app, head to Settings and choose Data sharing.
  • Tap on Customer number to copy it. You will need this in one of the next steps.
  • Choose Manage consent to be taken to the Volt data sharing portal.
  • Enter, or paste, your customer number and the One Time Password (OTP) that we send to the mobile number that you have registered with us.
  • You can view and manage your data sharing consents from the Consent dashboard.

Have more questions?

Check out our Data sharing FAQs.

For developers

If you’re a developer for one of our partners, we have services available that allow you to integrate our banking capabilities into your own applications.

See how we support the Product Reference Data information

For support or open banking queries, send an email to openbanking@voltbank.com.au

For partners

Volt is unique in Australia in that we support our partners by allowing them to integrate banking solutions directly into their business. The Volt Portal has a range of services that allow our partners who hold customer consent to obtain instant information on any of their customers referred to Volt.

Partners will be able to gain a full view of their customer's information, and can offer in-depth advice and personalised solutions to help their customer make the most of their finances.

If you are interested in learning how to integrate our services into your own business application, send an email to partnershipsenquiries@voltbank.com.au. One of our Partnership Relationship Managers will contact you.