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Volt brings in neobank expert Julian Sawyer as an adviser

Neobank Volt is bolstering its team and bringing in the expertise of one of the founders of UK counterpart Starling.

Money trends and tech that will help shape your year

Change is coming fast in the world of money, and consumers need to stay on top of it to ensure they get the best deals and avoid rip-offs.

How ‘rogue’ teen Steve Weston founded $240 million digital bank Volt

Steve Weston admits he was never a great student who “wasn’t destined for much” until a chance encounter landed him a dream job.

Volt unveils broker-centric home lending strategy

The challenger bank has shed light on its plans in the mortgage market, with the new entrant preparing to launch its credit products in 2020.

A High Volt-age Bolt of Banking Lightening!

Steve Weston, fresh back from 4 years with Barclays in the UK was listening to the May 2017 budget speech, and his world changed. The budget contained a plethora of banking reforms to foster innovation and competition in the banking sector.

Australian digital bank Volt says it has 40,000 potential customers ahead of launch next year

In January this year, Volt became the first Australian digital challenger bank to receive a full banking licence in the country. Volt is one of a number of digital challenger banks to launch, as competition against traditional Australian banks heats up.